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An open letter to the cigar community from Brother of the Leaf, L.L.C.


A true “brother” is willing to do all he or she can for another “brother.” These characteristics are still what ring the loudest for us today and the motivation for everything we do as a company.

 BOTL, LLC. would like to make sure that all are cognizant of the following information regarding our company and the products we currently bring to market.

 The Palio cigar cutter and Esencia cigars: 

1.   Palio cigar cutters are made COMPLETELY of components manufactured in the United States. 

2.   Palio cigar cutters are hand assembled, packaged and shipped COMPLETELY from within the United States. 

3.   On April 1st of 2009 you all should have heard that the SCHIP taxes will increase the price of every single cigar available on the market today, to our knowledge, EXCEPT Esencia Cigars. 

4.   BOTL, LLC. is NOT implementing any price increase this year. BOTL, LLC. will absorb any and all escalation in cost caused by SCHIP and WILL NOT pass those increases on to our customers.

 The above items should make it very clear that we not only know what calling our company Brother of the Leaf, L.L.C. means, but also that the choice of that specific name dictates our actions and obligation to our brethren during an extremely difficult time in our global economy.

 As we are not increasing the price of any of our products to our retailers, no retailer should arbitrarily be raising the price on any of our products, while raising all the other prices of products by other companies. We ask everyone at every level to support us in policing this by contacting us directly if you believe someone is taking advantage.

 We hope you will remember the information above when you are about to make your next purchase and ask yourself if the company you are about to support with your hard earned money is worthy.


 Brother of the Leaf, L.L.C.






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